Who to Call....

Please use the chart below to determine who may be available to answer any questions you may have or you may contact the Mission Center at 855-603-0604 and we will direct you to the appropriate person.

Your Parish Elder

Ashland / Richland / Wayne      

HR Pastor Eldon Trubee                  (h) 330-674-3377

Carroll / Columbiana    

Pastor Karin Wright       (c) 440-552-8447 


Elder Donna Westfall     (c) 740-502-5915

Harrison / Tuscarawas / Lakeland    

Pastor Mark Unrue     (c) 330-340-5804


Elder Deb Lilley     (c) 330-466-3723

Guernsey / Muskingum   

Pastor Jeff Bergeson     (c) 740-432-7308

Morgan / Perry / Zanesville

Pastor Suellen Skinner    740-452-6441


Pastor Rich Holmes    (w) 330-499-4606

Washington / Noble     

Pastor David Smith      (w) 740-373-1800

Stated Clerk

CRE Tim Pollock     740-624-2351 or 855-603-0604 ext. 3

Moderator of Presbytery

Sheila Ellenberger     740-974-0077 or 855-603-0604 ext. 1

Chair of Administration

Joan Brode     740-294-9805 or 855-603-0604 ext. 4    

Parish Elders Chair (formerly Committee on Ministry)

Mary Jane Knapp     304-532-8717 or 855-603-0604 ext. 2

Treasurer of MVP
Kathy Kettlewell     330-284-5908
or 855-603-0604 ext. 5

Chair of Calling Commission (formerly Committee on Preparation)

Elder Cathy Piekarski     740-373-3639

Chair of Missions

Rick Hastings     740-401-0125

Chair of Nominating

Tim Schenkel     740-453-4900


Matt Skolnik     412-855-1932

Administrative Assistant - MVP Mission Center

Bev Potts     855-603-0604 ext. 0


Muskingum Valley Presbytery
MVP Mission Center
109 Stonecreek Rd NW
New Philadelphia, OH 44663