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2018 Updated Terms of Call Forms

The 2018 Terms of Call forms have been updated!

Called and Installed Terms of Call Forms: Use this form if you are a Teaching Elder in an Installed Call and are updating your terms of call, or if this is the initial terms of call for a new pastor called to your church. Available as a Word document or a PDF

Other Terms of Call Forms: Use this form for report Terms of Call for Commissioned Ruling Elders, Temporary Supply Pastors, or Interim Pastors. Available as a Word document or a PDF

(Minimim Compensation is stated on the Terms of Call forms)

"Calling" Forms
Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as an Inquirer

Churches in Transition

Leadership Competencies Exercise -- doc.x

Ministry Information Form (MIF).doc (Revised 3/2016) (to prepare your draft MIF)

(MIF) Ministry Information Form .pdf (Revised 3/2016)(formerly known as Church Information Form (CIF)

Biographical Information Form - fillable PDF

Pulpit Supply List -- Updated Dec. 2017

Background Check Request Form


Consultations Manual Supplemental Resources

Congregation Member Survey Form and Congregation Tally Survey Form

Scoring for Pastor and Leader Readiness Assessments


Last Published: April 4, 2018 1:31 PM