Upcoming Journey....


Ordinary Time—Taking Care of Business (Budget & Overtures)/Stated Presbytery Meeting

When:        Tuesday, 9/17, 4-8p

Where:       JIM’s Place, New Philadelphia

Cost:          $10 (for dinner)


Advent—Shalom Reflections/Stated Presbytery Meeting

When:    Tuesday, 12/3, 10a-4p

Where:   The Presbyterian Church, Coshocton

Cost:      $10 (for lunch/materials)


Past 2013 Events:

Ministry Options in the 21st Century

When:        Saturday, 4/20, 9a-4p

Where:       Unity Presbyterian Church, Cambrige

Speaker:   George Bullard

RSVP:        Shauna@MVPJourney.org by April 15th

Cost:          $10 (for lunch/materials)


"Tending the Garden of God"/Stated Presbytery Gathering

When:        Saturday, 5/18, 9a-4p

Where:       Trinity Presbyterian Church, Zanesville

Hosts:        Zanesville Parish

Guest:        Presbyterian Hunger Program

Cost:          $10 (for lunch/materials)


MVP Mission Immersion

When:        Monday, 6/3 - Wednesday, 6/5, Noon to Noon

Where:       Weber Center - Adrian, Michigan

Hosts:        Council      

Cost:          To offset the cost, we ask that each leader contribute a minimum of $1 (more as they are called and able).


Mission Update, Check-in & Dinner

When:        Wednesday, 8/14, 4-8p

Where:       MVP Mission Center followed by Dinner at Dick and Debbie's House

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